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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Cloud Computing Education Program to Help Tomorrow’s Lawyers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will teach tomorrow’s lawyers and the wider workforce about the use of cloud computing technologies by way of a school training program.

With the exponential rise of the cloud – across what seems like every sector – having knowledge of cloud computing is and will be the most important skill set in IT. Continue reading

UK Cloud Computing Adoption Rate to Increase with Windows Server Shutdown

The current UK cloud computing adoption rate stands at 84%.

Following the shutdown of Windows Server 2003 in July 2015 however, research by Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) which involved polling approximately 250 senior IT figures in public and private sectors, suggests that the uptake of cloud computing will rise significantly in the coming months. Continue reading

Are SMB Workers Happier Using Cloud Applications?

Workers who make use of cloud apps are not only more productive but are also happier, according to a new study by Kronos, which gathered data from 1000 European workers in small to medium business (SMBs).

Of the workers polled, 83 per cent stated that they would rather use cloud applications than in-house equivalents. Continue reading