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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Are you Aware of your Employer’s Cloud Computing Policy

Most office workers and or employees know very little if anything about their employer’s cloud computing policy, according to recent findings of Trustmarque.

The research also showed that even in circumstances where workers/employees are aware of the relevant cloud computing policy, they will often simply ignore it. Continue reading

How Lawyers Can Keep Costs Down in Cloud Computing?

It’s no secret that cloud computing is the future of business. More and more companies are choosing to make the switch and capitalise on the apparently endless benefits – including increased flexibility, streamlined processes and reduced capital costs.

That said, according to an article recently published by the the Wall Street Journal, cloud users, whether companies, firms or individuals should be mindful of paying for unused and unnecessary services. Continue reading

Cloud Computing in Public & Private Sector: EU Project Aims to Address Differing Opinions

The European Commission has launched a project entitled, ‘Cloud Approach for Innovation in Public Services’, the aim of which is to encourage public sector organisations and departments across the UK and Europe to adopt cloud computing solutions.

Cloud service usage in the public sector finds itself way behind the private sector and the EU Commission hope is that it’s project, which is funded by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework (CIP) Programme of the European Commission, will address the differing opinions. Continue reading

More European Businesses Enjoying Benefits of Cloud Computing

The number of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) across Europe that are making use of cloud services is on the increase, according to a survey conducted by BCSG.

The survey, the information for which was gathered by questioning approximately 600 SMBs throughout Europe, illustrated that 64 per cent of European SMBs currently make use of cloud computing solutions. Continue reading

Cloud Computing Reaches ‘Tipping Point’, says IBM

According IBM, the popularity of cloud computing solutions will increase with more businesses across the United Kingdom ready to fully to commit to the cloud.

According to Doug Clark, IBM’s UK and Ireland Cloud Leader, in the last few months (end of 2014 into the start of 2015), it has become apparent that more and more enterprises are now prepared to go ‘all in’ with cloud services. Continue reading

Scott Napier Awarded Full Membership of SOLAS

scott napier solas society of law accountants scotland cashroomCongratulations to Scott Napier on being awarded Full Membership of SOLAS.  SOLAS (The Society of Law Accountants in Scotland) has recognised Scott’s incredible ongoing commitment to the teaching and mentoring of students studying for the SOLAS qualification.  He does this through his prestigious position as a lecturer for SOLAS, being responsible for teaching their Glasgow Feeing Classes.

Scott is involved in several vital operations for our company: training legal staff and cashiers across Scotland & England, assisting with Denovo’s outsourced cashroom functions, transfer of files from legacy systems to Denovo’s Legal Intelligence software.  He also advises and trains law firms on Denovo’s Cashroom, Time Capture, Legal Aid, and Estate Agency software.

Scott is pictured here with his SOLAS Certificate.

If your firm would like further information on how Denovo how help to streamline your firm CLICK HERE.