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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Cloud Computing Becoming Powerful Workforce Management Tool

Research by KPMG – which surveyed 500 business executives – has shown that cloud is being used to resolve the technology gap that employees face between their workplace environment and what they are used to at home.

The findings come as a result of employees now expecting a similar standard of computing service at work as in their personal life, which includes easy and instantaneous access to data. Continue reading

Research Shows Cloud Computing Solutions Offer Significant Cost Advantages for Businesses

An analyst report from service performance monitoring analysts Cloud Spectator has found that investing in a cloud computing solution can offer “significant” long term cost advantages.

Cloud Spectator analysed 10 IaaS providers: AWS, CenturyLink, DigitalOcean, HP, Google, Microsoft Azure, Joyent, Backspace, Verizon and SoftLayer. Continue reading

What to Expect from Cloud Computing in 2015

Many businesses will be contemplating whether or not to make 2015 the year they move to cloud computing. Some may have refrained from making the transition in previous years due to practical reasons, or fear of security breaches. However, cloud services have reached a level of sophistication which proves they can deliver valuable solutions for an enterprise’s own particular needs, making further growth of cloud implementation inevitable. Continue reading