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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Denovo: Helping Lawyers Understand Law Society Cloud Computing Rules

It seems clear that there is a growing trend in the legal sector towards Cloud computing from the fact many firms have already made the transition, and most others considering making the move in the future. But for those firms who haven’t yet adopted Cloud, the Law Society of Scotland has compiled some useful tips to help alleviate concerns over data storage, treatment and control.

As law firms deal with sensitive client data on a daily basis, and Cloud computing involves moving this data from the firm to the possession of the Cloud provider’s data centre, it is clear that safety and security is the highest priority. It is therefore essential that firms receive assurance from their chosen provider that all of their information will be treated and confidential, and will never be used to disclosed to third parties. Furthermore, in terms of intellectual property law, the firm should retain full ownership of the property regardless of the fact it will now be stored at the provider’s data centre. The Law Society has also recommended that firms make sure they have an explicit right to have all data returned on demand, or the ability to move it to another Cloud provider timelessly and in a useable format. Continue reading

Switching to Cloud Computing: Lawyers Need Guided Through the Entire Process

It is inevitable that the vast expansion of Cloud computing services throughout the legal sector is only set to continue, with more and more firms transferring all or some of their IT systems over to Cloud. The Cloud’s benefits are clear – it is more mobile, versatile, can save money and can be safer. However, these benefits are only achievable if the correct Cloud provider is chosen, which is why law firms are urged to consider their options carefully before making the migration. In short, lawyers need to choose a Cloud provider that will guide them through the entire process and beyond. Continue reading

Are UK Businesses Scaling Back Data Centres to Make Way for The Cloud?

At the ‘re:Invent’ conference in Las Vegas this week, Cloud giant Amazon Web Services (AWS) said that enterprises are closing down their data centres and embracing Cloud technology instead.

“You can have different opinions about how complete and how fast this transition is going to happen, but it seems apparent at this point that the cloud is becoming the new normal”, said Amazon Cloud Strategy Chief, Andy Jassy. Continue reading

Vocational Customer Care Day – 2nd Year students of Glasgow College, Cardonald Campus


Denovo were delighted to host the Vocational Customer Care day to the 2nd Year students of Glasgow College, Cardonald Campus.  They arrived early on Thursday 30th October and were very keen to see how customer service operates in a real time environment. This was a practical exposure of “a day in the life of” following on from Denovo’s customer care presentation on 23rd October! The students zealously mingled throughout the various departments gaining an insight into how customer care is applied in practice across the organisation. The students had certainly done their homework as they arrived hungry to learn more asking an array of pertinent questions! We certainly hope they enjoyed the experience as much as Denovo enjoyed having them. In accordance with the College, we set the students an essay writing competition with prizes awarded to the students with the best answers!

Continue reading

Worrying Over Nothing? Nearly 50% of Law Firms Reluctant to Migrate to The Cloud

Continuing our trend of building on an earlier blog, which listed ten things lawyers must consider when choosing a Cloud computing supplier, this post looks at the migration process and concerns lawyers have towards.

A recent survey by Legal IT Professionals online asked a variety of law firms covering different practice areas: “If your law firm’s management asked for your advice regarding moving key applications to the Cloud, would you be in favour of this strategy?”

Continue reading