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Monthly Archives: September 2014

3 Reasons Lawyers are Switching to Cloud IT Services

Cloud Computing is significantly changing the entire IT landscape. As a consequence, the way that businesses operate is changing too: many are choosing to make the transition to Cloud to save on costs, make their IT systems far less complex, and benefit from the flexibility and productivity of being able to access their data anywhere on any device.

It seems certain that the growth of Cloud is only set to continue. Even the legal sector is taking notice, with more and more law firms turning towards Cloud IT solutions; smaller, forward-looking firms and large established firms alike are making the move. Why does the Cloud appeal to lawyers in Scotland, the UK and across the world?

The first reason for this is, of course, the unrivalled level of freedom and mobility Cloud services can offer lawyers, allowing them to access their practice’s data anywhere with internet connection. This in turn, increases efficiency. It is far more convenient to carry around a tablet or laptop than multiple client files – which are often heavy and bulky. In essence, Cloud IT services stop lawyers from being “trapped” at their desk. Continue reading

Understanding the Risks of Cloud Computing

In 2012, the European Commission announced a European Cloud Strategy, which aims to build 2.5 million new jobs across the EU, and produce a 160 billion Euro increase to European GDP by 2020. Taking the scale of this initiative into account, it seems inevitable that Cloud computing is set to significantly impact the way that our businesses will operate in future. The same can be said for law firm, as the Cloud is set to significantly impact the way that law is practiced.

Although the picture may change once there are clarified guidelines on SLAs and also when the EU Data Protection Regulation comes into force, businesses and law firms should familiarise themselves now with the potential legal risks relating to the use of Cloud services.

At the moment, the law can be confusing, due to varying different legal requirements throughout the many jurisdictions of the EU. Requirements can be enforceable in relation to information retention and disclosure or production of information, should a domestic or foreign action be brought. Furthermore, there may be differences in data protection and privacy law between jurisdictions, which could also have a legal impact if your business was to become involved in litigation. Continue reading

How Can Lawyers Overcome Concerns with Cloud Computing Services?

Cloud computing can bring many positive benefits to law firms and other businesses. These include lower IT costs, the mobility of being able to access documents anywhere at anytime and, enhanced efficiency and productivity. Nevertheless, when weighed against security and legal concerns, many still decision makers choose to stick with their older IT systems, rather than making the transition to the Cloud.

But the truth is, if thorough research is conducted when choosing a Cloud provider, there is nothing for lawyers to fear when adopting the new technology – computer backup solutions, document sharing and billing software for solicitors can all be confidently accessed using Cloud technology, once a few common concerns are understood.

Due to the sensitive nature of much of the information held by lawyers, the first concern for any legal practice is, of course, security. Serious safety apprehensions about changing to Cloud in preference of keeping physical copies however, are misguided; it is actually far more dangerous to keep documents in the office – where they can be easily lost or stolen – in comparison to keeping them in virtual form in the Cloud. That being said, this is only the case where a reliable and safe Cloud provider has been selected by your law practice. Continue reading


More Sporting Prowess at Denovo BI

It seems we have more strings to our bow at Denovo than excellent Cloud computing services for law firms!

Steven Hill impressed us all by competing in the Glenmore Race last weekend. In most races, the competitors will try to run a set distance as fast as they can. In the Glenmore Race, however, runners try to cover as much distance as they can over a set time. Continue reading

Solve Backup Failures With Cloud Computing for Law Firms

Many law firms are finding their internal server and backup drives are failing on a regular basis. If your law firm encounters problems of this nature, the early morning “backup failed” message can quickly change the mood for the day!

Backup failures are frequently caused by a single errant file which doesn’t back up correctly. This can be as a result of a file corruption or because a file is in use. The end result is that this single file causes the backup to “fail” even where the backup itself is actually successful. Instances of clients reporting backup failures is steadily increasing due to the software settings which, in the event of a single file corruption or anomaly, can set the result of the backup to “fail”. Backup failures can also occur due to legacy hardware failures. Continue reading

Switching to the Cloud: Help Integrating you Law Firm’s IT Applications

Amidst recent security concerns, many law firms across Scotland and the United Kingdom may be considering whether or not the transition to Cloud is worth the cost and risk. However, modernisation towards Cloud could revolutionise the way firms operate, and in fact make security breaches less likely, if the correct Cloud supplier is chosen. What’s essential is that the supplier is able to work with the legal firm fully, by meeting the firm’s needs, and ensuring that the new technology integrates with existing IT applications and internet solutions within the legal practice – whether for a sole practitioner and global organisation.

Small firms perhaps have the biggest advantage when it comes to implementing Cloud as they can make a complete change within days or weeks, whereas for larger firms who already have custom IT systems built over a number of years, the change could take a few months. However, a professional and reliable provider will set out a transition plan for firms of all sizes, meaning as little disruption to business as possible. Before deciding to make the move, firms should consider a few simple issues. Continue reading

MD George Blair Pedals for Scotland in aid of STV Appeal

Denovo - Pedal for Scotland

Are you suffering from Glasgow 2014 withdrawal?

Our MD, George Blair, is continuing Glasgow’s year of sporting achievement with a sponsored cycle from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

Charity at Denovo BI

It’s worth noting that George is no stranger to charity activities. Click here to see his ice bucket challenge – we certainly enjoyed helping him out!

He will be joining thousands of cyclists on 7th September on the Pedal for Scotland – over 12,000 people made the journey last year. They will ride a gruelling 47 miles from Glasgow Green to Murrayfield Stadium, all in aid of the STV appeal.

Donate Now

The STV Appeal works to improve the lives of children and young people who are living in poverty across Scotland. To support this great cause and help George get motivated, click here to donate through Just Giving.

Donate Now