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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Cloud Computing to Revolutionise The Way Law Firms Operate, Report Suggests

Accesspoint Technologies along with cloud vendor Databarracks have released a new report arguing that the legal industry needs the modernisation of cloud technology, predicting that it will revolutionise the way firms operate.

Accesspoint managing direct Richard Roebuck who wrote the report, said: “While this might not signal the death of the large scale office, we’ll almost certainly see a shift towards the virtual firm”.

The so-call “virtual firm” that the report envisions includes firms having the ability to do work outside the office using cloud, which would boost productivity and save time otherwise spent travelling back to the office. The only hindrance, Roebuck says, would be a lack of reliable and affordable internet connectivity; that being said, the number of high-speed low-cost Wi-Fi hotspots is only set to increase in future. Continue reading

Why Your Law Firm Needs a Reliable & Secure Cloud Provider?

Building on an earlier post, and continuing our ten part blog series highlighting 10 things that UK law firms, together with legal professionals across the country, should consider before choosing a cloud system supplier, this blog considers the important of choosing a provider that offers a reliable and secure service.

Cloud Computing has many benefits, including being able to access any data, on any computer, anywhere in the world. Many people are already using Cloud technology without realising it, whether it be with Apple’s iCloud or Google’s Gmail, for example. For businesses and organisations too however, Cloud can be an effective and low-cost way of storing information, rather than having to pay for and maintain local data-servers.

Despite the clear benefits, some businesses and their owners (especially lawyers) are still reluctant to convert to Cloud, being sceptical about the security and reliability of Cloud technology. Continue reading

The Cloud: A More Secure Way of Storing Information?

Solicitors and barristers have been issued with a warning from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) regarding the safety of the use of paper files, after 15 incidents of data breaches in the last three months.

The ICO said in a warning, “The information handled by barristers and solicitors is often very sensitive. Legal professionals often carry around large quantities of information in folders or files when taking them to or from court, and may store them at home. This can increase the risk of a data breach.” Continue reading

Cloud Computing for Lawyers: Why the Location of Data Centres is Important

Data centres play a key role in the delivery of cloud services, and for lawyers across the United Kingdom using cloud technology, the location of the associated data centres is vitally important.

This blog, part two of a ten part series which builds upon an earlier post – 10 Things Law Firms Must Consider Before Choosing a Cloud System Supplier –  explains what data centres are in relation to cloud computing services, together with their purpose, before considering the importance of their location for law firms.

In simple terms, data centres are centralised locations for the storage, management, and dissemination of both data and information. The security and reliability of data centres and their information should therefore be a major priority for any business. Continue reading