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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Is Cloud Computing Key for Business Development?

Many small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) believe there is a direct link between cloud computing and increased revenue, research by Oxford Economics and Windstream Communications has discovered.

The survey shows that many SMEs are showing a real desire to use cloud computing and capitalise on to it’s potential – 36 per cent of those surveyed stating that cloud was critical to innovation strategy and 53 per cent saying it would be critical within two years. A further 40 per cent believe that cloud was helping them move to new geographic markets; and within two years 57 per cent believe it would be vital to achieving this.

But what is perhaps most impressive, is that a 50 per cent agreed that cloud computing would be “important for the long-range vision for our business”, and a massive 71 per cent said it would be vital for doing so in the next two years. Continue reading

Cloud Computing Given EU Boost

The European Union is funding a project, called Cloudcatalyst, to boost the European cloud computing market by helping businesses, ICT providers and public entities to realise the many benefits of cloud services.

Some scepticism towards cloud services remains, with concerns for date security and legal exposure. However, it is hoped that the Cloudcatalyst project will address such concerns by providing the assurance, knowledge and tools needed by providers to adopt cloud products.

Commenting on the new project, Francisco Medeiros, Deputy Head of Unit for Cloud Computing at the European Commission, said: “We see cloud as an engine of change and a central ingredient for innovation in Europe”.

With the cloud being one of the fastest growing markets in Europe, the Commission believes that cloud computing could employ millions of people in the EU by the year 2020. Continue reading

Law 2.0: Getting to Know Cloud System Suppliers and Their Services to Legal Professionals

Last month, we published a blog, which can be viewed and read here, listing 10 things that law firms, together with legal professionals, should consider before choosing a cloud system supplier.

In this current blog, the first of the 10 ‘things’ we highlighted, ‘Know and Understand the Supplier Together with the Services They Offer’, is explained in greater detail.

With practice management software playing such a vital part in the provision of legal services in today’s complex market, choosing to make the switch to a cloud-based system is a huge decision for any law firm. Once that decision is made however, it vitally important that time is taken to identify the most suitable supplier. Failure to do so could have dire consequences for your firm moving forward. Continue reading

We have a winner! Denovo June seminar prize draw announced

Sandy Adam & Ross Fielding

Those of you who attended our seminar in June, on Making Profit Easier for Law Firms, will recall that we were running a prize draw for a Kindle Paperwhite.

Many congratulations to Ross Fielding of Fielding McLean Solicitors, who was the lucky winner! Sandy Adam went over to present him with his prize.

Get in touch

If you missed the seminar, please don’t hesitate to give us a call to find out how we can help your firm to make profit easier with cloud computing. Follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter to make sure you never miss another!

EU Guidelines for Getting the Most out of Cloud

Guidelines seeking to help businesses get the most out of cloud computing have been presented to the European Commission, potentially providing a valuable tool to help the legal industry catch up with other businesses in embracing innovation and technology.

Cloud Computing for Law Firms

In its press release, the European Commission notes that using cloud computing to store and process data in remote centres allows businesses and individuals to save on average 10-20% of their costs. Continue reading

10 Things Law Firms Must Consider Before Choosing a Cloud System Supplier

We appreciate fully that for busy lawyers, the prospect of selecting a new legal software system for your law practice can be daunting – no one wants to make a mistake that could cause a difficulty in any way for the firm. Investing in an outdated offering , or one that lacks crucial functionality is not an appealing prospect to say the least.  We have therefore produced the following checklist which  we hope will help you focus in on the relevant issues  you should be considering when contemplating moving your firm forward through IT and in particular “the cloud”. Continue reading