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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Congratulations To Law Awards of Scotland 2013 Winners!

Denovo extend hearty congratulations to our winning valued customers at the Law Awards of Scotland 2013:


Law Firm of the Year for Under 40 Fee Earners: Watermans Solicitors

Criminal Law Firm of the Year: Capital Defence Lawyers

Support Team of the Year: Gildeas Solicitors

Up and Coming Law Firm of the Year: Watermans Solicitors

Criminal Lawyer of the Year: John Scott, Capital Defence Lawyers

Chairman’s Award: Inksters Solicitors

Congratulations to all!
We at Denovo are delighted to support your IT infrastrutures so that you can do more, in less time, allowing you to continue your winning ways.

Kindle Fire Prize Draw Result

Congratulations are extended to Laura Jackson of the PDSO Falkirk office for winning the Kindle Fire at the Law Society Legal Aid Conference 2013.

The prize draw, sponsored by Denovo, was drawn by Eric McQueen of the Scottish Court Services and the prize presented to Laura Jackson.




The Law Society of Scotland & Scottish Legal Aid Board Conference 2013

Denovo are proud to sponsor the Law Society of Scotland & Scottish Legal Aid Board Conference 2013

Cuts, contracting and court closures. These are challenging and fast-changing times for the legal aid profession so it’s important that you keep yourself up to date with all that’s going on.

The 2013 Legal Aid Conference will consist of joint sessions for both civil and criminal legal aid practitioners as well as streamed sessions covering particular civil and criminal topics. Each session will focus on key issues and will provide an opportunity to hear from expert speakers, ask questions, share experiences and network with fellow professionals. The keynote address will be delivered by the Cabinet Secretary for Justice, Kenny MacAskill.

This year’s topics will range from proposed developments in civil and criminal processes; how to sustain the legal aid system while making financial savings; to contracting and children’s legal aid as well as a session on the introduction of financial contributions and changes to financial eligibility.

Also there will be the opportunity to raise any issues with the Scottish Legal Aid Board by visiting their drop in surgery.

The Conference runs on Friday 13 & Saturday 14 September 2013 in Doubletree Hilton, Dunblane. You can view more details of this event at Law Society of Scotland & Scottish Legal Aid Board Conference 2013

Denovo Pedalled for Scotland!

Team Denovo 2

Firstly, many many thanks to those who donated to The STV Appeal for our Pedal for Scotland event yesterday. So far we’ve raised a wonderful £486. So thank you!

On to the event itself. Apart from two little incidents where two members of the team overshot the lunch-station by a mere 8 miles, and one of the team leaving his prized medal at Murrayfield, Team Denovo came through the event relativity  unscathed!

We started our journey at 10.30 in rude health, and by 4.30 we’d finished. Still in rude health, and in need of a shower, a coffee, and some sarnies.

The first stop off point came at the 9 mile marker at Drumpellier Park, and Team Denovo stopped for a bit of Freshnlo milk. It was at this point that two (unnamed) members of the team were called out by the resident DJ dancing to Gangam Style.

PFS Stop 1

Moving swiftly on…

The next official stop off point would be at Avonbridge, which at 24 miles, ended 21 miles of grueling continual upward climb.

Almost from the off at Avonbridge we were met with our next, and arguably hardest, challenge of the day by navigating a 164m climb over a mile. A steep and sharp climb with a belly full of Freshnlo milk is not advised.
This particular stage took out two of our team (heavy bikes and steep climbs do not gel well) and they soldiered on while the rest of the team pulled ahead.

Team Denovo 3

Our next stop would be a welcome lunch at Linlithgow, 7 miles later.

This marked the calamitous part of our day when three of the team, pulling ahead, turned into the lunch-station at Linlithgow as arranged, only to discover (more than 40 minutes later) that two of the team somehow bizarrely missed the turnoff and had continued on to the next feed-station at Kirkliston! This station is 8 miles beyond Linlithgow, so the two eejit team members managed a 15 mile stage before being fed.
On a positive note, the two lost souls managed to get their fill of Scotmid snowballs before heading on, unlike those who bagged a proper lunch and were to find the feed-station sans snowballs in the end.

After Kirkliston it was a relatively easy 9 miles to the finish where were gained our medals, our “well done!”s and headed off for a much needed shower, change, and coffee avec sarnies.
It was at this point that one of Team Denovo seemed to have mislaid his medal, one of the previously mentioned lost souls too – didn’t he have a good day!

At this point our two other erstwhile soldiers crossed the line to much fan fare. Yay!

So there you have it, Team Denovo pedals for Scotland, has a tale (or three) to tell, comes through reasonably unaffected, and raises £486 for a good charity. Again, thank you!

So… who’s up for the 110 mile Sportive Challenge??