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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Our Clients Nominated for Datacentre Solution Award 2013

We are delighted to announce that Denovo customer Thompson & Brown have been nominated in this year’s Datacentre Solution Awards.

In the category of Private Cloud Project of the Year, the partnership of Denovo and Outsourcery has enabled Thompson & Brown to become Scotland’s first paperless legal office.

The Data Centre Solutions Awards reward the products, projects and services as well as honour companies and teams operating in data centre fields. The DCS Awards recognise the achievements of end-users, channel partners and vendors alike and in the case of the end-user category there will also be an award made to the supplier who nominated the winning organisation.

Graeme Brown, Thompson & Brown

“Since our data is now stored in one central place, there is a higher level
of confidence at the company, and the staff are much happier that data is
sitting in a secure data centre, rather than on a physical server that can
be removed. We naturally had questions about migrating from an onpremise server
to the cloud in terms of disruption to the business, but once we were introduced
to the team at Outsourcery, we realised that it really was fool proof.

What I liked about Outsourcery and Denovo’s cloud proposition was its simplicity.
Denovo’s case management system is remarkably easy to navigate, and
the fact that it is stored in the cloud makes it easily accessible to me, to
my partner, and to my staff, anywhere, at any time. It was a very
sensible option for us when looking at how we could grow the business,
and use technology to support us in doing so.

The accessibility of that information is a key factor for us in business
development, because we are able to access every single file we have,
anywhere in the country as long as we have a laptop or mobile device and
an Internet connection.

The benefits of working with Outsourcery and Denovo are numerous. There is the
absence of the initial expensive set-up cost associated with expensive
server equipment, and the subsequent maintenance of that equipment.
We didn’t have to go away with any of that.

What I would say to other organisations that are looking at cloud services
is to remove the fear and uncertainty that they have about the cloud. It’s
simple, it’s straightforward, anybody can use it, and to me it’s an
invaluable part of my business.”

Data Centre Solutions Awards has nominated Thompson & Brown for the following:

  • With the help of Outsourcery and Denovo, Thompson & Brown has become Scotland’s first paperless office
  • The partnership of Outsourcery and Denovo has identified a business problem in the legal market, and solved it
  • Thompson & Brown has demonstrated its commitment to its clients by adopting new ways of working that will improve customer service
  • Thompson & Brown has taken advantage of what the cloud has to offer to SMEs and demonstrated clear ROI
  • The case study demonstrates a clear value-add collaboration that has benefited a customer where information is critical to every day operations

Voting is now closed, but you can view the shortlist here: The Datacentre Solution Awards 2013